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> Although I have to say with the exception of the file attachment thing, 
> since I upgraded and setup everything correctly (I think) everyone has 
> been noticing the difference here! In fact the guy who handles the 
> antivirus wasn't too happy with me, because now more viruses are being 
> caught as spam first. Our virus numbers in email went from 200 - 300 a day 
> to 1 - 10!
> James Golden

We used to run Symantec AntiVirus on two gateways in front of our mail 
servers. I put MS/SA on the mail servers, and the result was so impressive, 
that our company finally gave up on Symantec. It was never very 
configuration-friendly as far as individual preferences, and because it was 
a Windows application ....well, you can figure out the rest.

Good luck with your project

Steve Campbell
campbell at cnpapers.com
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