sendmail/MS multiple outbound queues ?

Roman roman at
Tue Aug 8 23:05:01 IST 2006

I trying to setup MailScanner to work with multiple sendmail queues (low/high volume) 
with similar setup :

QUEUE_GROUP(`slowmail', `Path=/var/spool/mqueue/slqueue, I=10m, J=100, N=10, R=2, F=f' )dnl

but when I am starting Mailscanner it fails to start with message:
NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root): QueuePath /var/spool/ not a subpath of QueueDirectory /var/spool/mqueue/: 

Mailscanner start a queuing queue in /var/spool/ and 
outgoing queue /var/spool/mqueue and of course the slowmail queue is not a subpath of one of those.

I wanted to know how did you setup your mailscanner and sendmail to work with multiple queues?

Thank you in advance,
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