Hylafax on a MailScanner pc

sandrews at andrewscompanies.com sandrews at andrewscompanies.com
Tue Aug 8 18:24:35 IST 2006

We don't allow the mailscanner, let alone the hylafax to touch the
internet by itself.  System only has port 25 forwarded to it. 

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sandrews at andrewscompanies.com wrote:
> Does anyone have an opinion on installing hylafax on a lightly loaded 
> mailscanner pc?  Normally, I'd toss another machine in for such a 
> different application, but this customer is experiencing server 
> "sprawl".
> Any thoughts?

So, you want MailScanner to fax high scoring spam? :-) Hylafax is pretty
stable stuff. There shouldn't be any problems as long as you set your
iptables rules to protect Hylafax's ports from the Internet.

Ken A.

> Thanks,
> Steve
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