Triggering Outlook's Junk E-mail filter

Chris Green chrisgreen at
Tue Aug 8 05:41:30 IST 2006

Jan-Peter Koopmann wrote:
> > 	I think Chris' original point is still valid.
>Using Outlooks own Junk-Mail folder/functionality --> No.
> > A number of our users
> > (primarily hosting customers have barely enough technical know-how to
> > operating e-mails. Setting up individual rules in their e-mail
> > client will likely prove beyond their grasp. Therefore some way of
> > automating the delivery of messages that are potentially spam but
> > only low-scoring to
> > the end-user's Spam mailbox would be a useful 	feature indeed.
>Thus the pointer to the plugin.

Jan-Peter, thanks for the plugin tip, that looks very useful.

The reasoning behind my request is that if an anti-spam mechanism already 
exists in a product then why not exploit it? I'm a consultant to many 
different companies and there is no single solution that I can apply 
everywhere, nor do I have absolute authority to implement change. Leaving 
default configuration in place and using MailScanner would work best, and 
zero training requirement. It's not ideal, but it's pretty close.

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