missing queue files?

Brent Addis brent.addis at pronet.co.nz
Mon Aug 7 23:26:12 IST 2006


I have just migrated to a new machine (was exim 4.50, 
MailScanner-4.43.8) which has been humming along quite nicely for a long 

I am now running exim 4.62 along with Mailscanner-4.55.9.

We are currently seeing occasional messages hitting mailscanner, being 
scanned, and only the Header file seemingly being inserted into the exim 


2006-08-08 10:08:45 1GADGn-0004tk-Kq Spool file 1GADGn-0004tk-Kq-D not found

envy:/var/log/exim4# ls -l /var/spool/exim4/input/
total 4
-rw-------  1 Debian-exim Debian-exim 1854 2006-08-08 10:08 

I had a similar problem when I upgraded to 4.50, however I didn't have 
much time to look into it, so downgraded back to the above.

Has anyone else seen a similar issue?



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