setup filetype and filename rules per domain

Jeremy Blonde JeremyBlonde at
Mon Aug 7 17:00:05 IST 2006

I've been having trouble stopping the attached message from getting thru
mailscanner.  I've got RBLs, Rulesdujour, and bayes (using MySQL).
Bayes reports that there are 14,953 spam messages and 133,137 tokens in
the database.  To actually block the messages, I've had to add the URLs
in the messages to MCP.  I've been under the impression that bayes would
be able to pick out the message details and score similar messages, but
it seems they come across as new messages and their scores are 0.
Perhaps, bayes is not working as well as it should be?

Can I get some information on how others have blocked those types of

Jeremy Blonde
Instructional Technology - Server Support
Grant Joint Union School District
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