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Sat Aug 5 08:47:46 IST 2006

On 04/08/06, Logan Shaw <lshaw at> wrote:
> On Fri, 4 Aug 2006, Glenn Steen wrote:
> > On 04/08/06, Peter Peters <P.G.M.Peters at> wrote:
> >> Yes, I would want to block OoO's trying to get outside the university
> >> but keep the OoO's flowing between the departments.
> >>
> > Well then, you'd have two problems:
> > 1) Identifying an OoO.
> > 2) selectively disallowing them to exit your organization.
> >
> > I'd look into making a set of SA rules to facilitate this. One or two
> > to identify that the message really is an OoO, that it originates from
> > one of your subdomains, and finally one rule to combine those results
> > and giving that one a truly hefty score, pushing it into the high
> > scoring spam category.
> One down side of that approach is that scoring a legit user's
> message (even if an OoO) as spam will screw up that user's
> SpamAssassin AWL average, thus affecting the user's other
> messages.
>    - Logan
Yep. But that would be where MCP could make a difference... If one can
get the two different calls to SA to not interfere with each other (I
started looking at MCP earlier this week, and I have some doubts...
Need to check more before airing those doubts on the list though.
Might be me misunderstanding something:-).
-- Glenn
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