Retreiving attachments

Golden, James jgolden at
Fri Aug 4 21:38:43 IST 2006


I've have been wasting my whole day trying to figure out how to do this.
Can anyone could help besides telling me to install Mailwatch (because
it's not an option right now).

I have messages that are being snagged by MailScanner because the
attachment is too large.  When I go to the directory the attachment is
in binary in the message.

I tried using a sendmail -t < message, but of course it gets snagged
again by MS.  Is there an option I'm missing to store the attachments
seperatly from the message, is there a way to send this on without it
bieng scanned?  Is there a way to get the attachement out of the

I need help soon as this is becoming a large issue today (about 6 end
users) and my boss is hearing about it!


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