mailscanner and SMTP AUTH

Christian Kowarzik ckowarzik at
Fri Aug 4 19:02:32 IST 2006


This works for sendmail received headers (we use sendmail 8.12.11-4 on 
RHEL3) as sendmail adds the word "authenticated" (and more) to the received 
header if the email was received using smtp-auth.

For the format of your received header, look for "HReceived:" in your your or for "confRECEIVED_HEADER" in your


Christian Kowarzik schrieb:
> Hi
> I use the following spamassassin rules in my 
> /etc/mail/spamassassin/ to decrease the spamassassin score for 
> email senders using smtp auth:
> header          __OUR_AUTH              Received =~ /authenticated .* by 
> smtp\.xxx\.de/i
> header          __NOT_OUR_AUTH          Received !~ /authenticated .* by 
> smtp\.xxx\.de/i
> meta            INIT_RECVD_OUR_AUTH     __OUR_AUTH && ( __NOT_OUR_AUTH 
> == 0)
> describe        INIT_RECVD_OUR_AUTH     Initially received by us using 
> authentication
> tflags          INIT_RECVD_OUR_AUTH     nice
> score           INIT_RECVD_OUR_AUTH     -20
> First I test that the email was received using smtp-auth and second i 
> test that there exists no "non-authenticated" received lines in the 
> email header.
> So if both conditions are true I know that my email server initially 
> received that email and the sender is authenticated.
> Christian
> Radu Spineanu schrieb:
>> Hi
>> Can mailscanner be configured to ignore all checks for messages sent via
>> smtp auth?
>> In my current setup, when i try to send an email from home using SMTP
>> AUTH it's marked as SPAM because if fails SPF and some RBL checks (ip
>> block was added in rbls as it's used for home use).
>> Radu

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