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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Fri Aug 4 18:14:17 IST 2006

It's the end of the week, I'd rather be out fishing, and most of my
latte is still in the cup so induldge me please if I'm being braindead.
A person is trying to send some of my users an .mp3 file but it is
blocked. ( I pretty much just go w/the MS defaults for file name/type
blocking.)  I figured no problem, a ruleset is the way to go.  Thing is,
the sample rulesets and those I've created in the past have an action of
"yes" or "no".  

The MailScanner.conf says the filename and filetype can be the name of a
ruleset, but right now for instance, 
Filename Rules = %etc-dir%/filename.rules.conf

So if I was to make a new ruleset in the rules dir, (ending in .rules of
course) what would it look like.  I want to maintain the existing
filename/type exclusions as a default, but allow this one fellow to send
the .mp3 file.

Would I have to copy the filename.rules.conf file to something like
filename.exceptions.conf, rem out the line for mpegs, the create a
filename.rules file that has:

From:		Joe.Blow at	filename.exceptions.conf
FromOrTo:	default			filename.rules.conf

Then do the same for filetype?

Seems like overkill to have to make a custom filename/type file for each
exception but maybe that's how it's done?


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