ignored messeges

Dörfler Andreas Andreas.Doerfler at kempten.de
Fri Aug 4 12:57:13 IST 2006

hey there,

i havent checked my mqueue.in for months .. because i tough everyting works fine.
that more im scared to find about 200 undelivered mails in there

short example:
-rw-------   1 root mail   28672 Feb 12  2005 dfj1C64nMG031005
-rw-------   1 root mail    6386 Jul 18 11:45 dfk6I8gtUk025915
-rw-------   1 root mail    5336 Jul 19 17:46 dfk6JEkXh1022049
-rw-------   1 root mail    5149 Jul 20 13:34 dfk6KAXUsc004185
-rw-------   1 root mail    6630 Jul 21 17:21 dfk6LEL11J029142
-rw-------   1 root mail   12288 Jul 22 06:07 dfk6M46wOv029047

most of em are spam so i dont see a problem, but some are not.

dont understand how this can happen because i deliver about 
6000 mails everyday without any problems.
some ignored mails from last year ...

from the mail log i take these when restart MS:

Aug  4 13:17:31 ar4 MailScanner[12699]: Cannot read queue directory /var/spool/mqueue.in/dfj1C64nMG031005
got this message  multible times, but ive senn em first time,
tried now more times but it wont come again in the logs

i use sendmail, ms 4.55.9 on a suse 9.2 box


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