Question about spam.assassin.prefs.conf

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Fri Aug 4 09:37:32 IST 2006

On 03/08/06, Golden, James <jgolden at> wrote:
>  So, after the compare, I then added any settings entry that was missing
> (which was about 3 lines) (bayes_path, awl_path, and one other) to the file.
>  and then replaced the old one with the rpmnew version.  Everything looks
> OK.  I was just wondering if I missed a step.  I know I ran a few scripts to
> upgrade Mailscanner.conf and another, but I didn't remember doing it for
> spam.assassin.prefs.conf file.

No, I don't think you missed a step... That is exactly why you got an
rpmnew file, and further, that is exactly what you are supposed to do:
Check the differences, make an educated guess as to what you should
have and make the necessary changes.

>  I did just upgrade to the 4.54.6-1 version.  I didn't do it via RPM, I did
> it via the script from MailScanner (if I remember correctly).

The MailScanner RPM install is done by running the script
from the tar-ball ... that contain all the necessary rpms... which
will then be built/installed as needed. You wouldn't have gotten an
rpmnew file if you hadn't;-)

-- Glenn
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