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On Fri, 4 Aug 2006, Res wrote:

> Part of the problem is most will ignore and not send OoO's to those marked as
> Precedence: junk bulk
> However many lists, including this one use  list, which is not AFAIK a default
> searched for item, hence mailman is not telling the receving server to ignore
> it, mind you, not that i've sene many exchange servers correctly setup to
> ignore bulk/junk anyway :)

I fear we are dangerously off-topic for MailScanner now, but hopefully 
still of general interest ...

It would be nice if Exchange could be made more intelligent with regard to 
whom (or not) it will send OoO messages.  It would be nicer if it could be 
configurable too.  Maybe I should ask our Microsoft contacts about the 
prospects of more intelligence in future versions.

FWIW, this page relating to Exim displays the conditions I use in an 
autoresponse implementation:

I'd be grateful for feedback on other tricks for detecting messages 
(mostly 'autogenerated' in some way) to which an autoresponse (including 
OoO) should not be sent, or problems known with the rules I am using.

(I didn't write the original page, but I did enhance it with Example 2 and 
other commentary, and added some useful references).


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