blocking out-of-office

Desai, Jason jase at
Thu Aug 3 19:09:32 IST 2006

mailscanner-bounces at wrote:
SHA1 wrote:
> Hi,
> Julian Field wrote on 2-8-2006 10:00:
>> Read the comments above the "Remove These Headers" option.
>> # If any of these headers are included in a a message, they will be
>> deleted. # This is very useful for removing return-receipt requests
>> and any headers # which mean special things to your email client
>> application.
> This helps only when the sender asks for a DSN. This does not help
> when the recipient has configured to send an out of office to every
> message he receives.


I have recently implemented something similar.  Management wanted to
allow only some people to send out of office messages over the internet.
Since our MailScanner box is inline, I wrote a custom function for the
Is Definitely MCP option.  It's not a complex function.  I am waiting to
hear back from management to see if I can post it here.


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