Manpages / FreeBSD

Adri Koppes adrik at
Thu Aug 3 08:23:46 IST 2006

Hi JanPeter, 

I promise not to kill you. :-)
ManPages are nice to have on the system, but I think I can live without
them if need be.
Perhaps a compromise, where you install small and simple ManPages, which
tell you to visit the web for more detailed and advanced information?
These would only have to written once and never updated anymore.



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> Hi,
> just a quick question. Obviously the documentation is now on 
> the web. I just realized that the latest version does not 
> seem to contain any documentation at all. Question: Is 
> everybody ok with this? I could try to maintain the man pages 
> and patch them in the FreeBSD port but I could also save some 
> time and simply rely on the web documentation. Just want to 
> make sure not everyone port user is going to kill me for that 
> later on. :-)
> Regards,
>   JP
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