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David Jacobson davidj at
Thu Aug 3 08:13:10 IST 2006

Hi Gents,

I wonder if you can help with a small problem regarding MCP speeds.

We maintain a number of MailScanner servers for a customer which
processes about a million e-mails a month.

The client has requested that we check for certain keywords +/- 20 and
send them through to an address.

We've implemented this for them, but it adds an extreme load on the
servers.  I've had a close look at the MCP spam.assassin.prefs.conf and
even though it disabled Razor / Pyzor / DCC etc I still believe it's
doing way too many checks than required for pure keyword analysis.

It appears to load all the plugins when doing a spamassassin -
p /etc/MailScanner/mcp/mcp.spam.assassin.prefs.conf such as SPF, AWL,
etc etc all from v310.pre, can someone tell me how I can disable the MCP
prefs from using this?

I still obviously want to keep the plugins so I can't remove them from

Any advise would be appreciated...


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