A quick and easy performance improvement

Chris Hammond chris at tac.esi.net
Tue Aug 1 14:13:30 IST 2006

Daniel, would you share how you setup yours?


>>> Richard Lynch <rich at mail.wvnet.edu> 07/31/06 1:12 PM >>> 
Daniel Maher wrote:
> Hello,
> I actually hold the bayes files on a ram disk, and it is /much/ faster than putting in on a hard disk of any type, in any configuration.
> Julian's suggestion (a simple cp command) is, in fact, sufficient.  I have successfully recovered from a system crash using the method.
> For reference, my mail servers handle around half a million pieces of mail per day, so the bayes databases are massive...
Mine too.  We do about 700,000/mpd and my bayesDBs grows to about 1.3G.  
I, too, like the ram disk idea but I don't have 1.5G of ram to spare. 
Moving bayes to /var was a huge improvement for me.  I'd guess that 
using ram would be phenomenal!



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