Changin MX machine to it's own, recommendations please...

Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed Apr 19 03:22:57 IST 2006

Rob Morin spake the following on 4/18/2006 12:51 PM:
> Hello....
> I will be creating an MX(mailscanner Machine) all on its own  to crunch
> away all those bad little emails... as the current MS is taking too much
> resources on my other machine....
> So the question is, aside form OS which will be Debian and the hardware....
> What setup should i do with respect to install MS and associated apps...
> Apt-get or  source/compile/install...
> any other important things is should check out or know?
> Thanks too all..
Your call. Do you want to stay current with any updates as soon as they come
out, or do you want to wait for the package maintainers to release the newer
versions. I'm not bagging on any package maintainers, as I know most of them
have regular jobs, but it is up to you to decide. I don't spend more than an
hour a month keeping current with the source packages. Julian has made the
process very easy with his all in one package of Clam-AV and spamassassin, and
the MailScanner package.


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