Matt Hampton matt at
Sun Apr 16 19:19:51 IST 2006

Alex Neuman van der Hans wrote:
> Matt Hampton wrote:
>> You can run both together, as I did, but I found that the added value
>> given by greylisting was not significant enough for the overhead (or the
>> complaints from users for the delay).
> Perhaps you could have set a different delay value? A different default,
> or a different default for *some* users? See the points I tried to make
> in an earlier message in this thread.


I was running clustered servers that shared the same greylist database.
   I whitelisted the users who didn't like the delays and shortened the
timeouts globally and per user/domain and yes the improvements I was
getting were good.

My thoughts were that if greet_	pause was getting rid of 90% of the cr*p
that grey-listing was doing - what was the point of an additional
overhead to maintain and configure.

As I said the results from grey-listing were superb but the day to day
management overhead, although not significant, was not worth the extra
10% it was giving me.  Plus it removed the standard complaint of why
isn't my mail arrived yet.....



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