Mailserver mem usage (OT)

Jørgen Giversen jgg at
Tue Apr 11 15:14:50 IST 2006

Dear all I have just setup a new mailserver (the old hardware was 
getting unstable)

Intel 7320 motherboard
1 Xeon 2.8
1Gb ram
Adaptec29320 Scsi controler
some SCSI disks

OS: Centos 4.3 I386 (not X86_64)
Mailscanner 4.52.1
SA 3.11/pyzor/razor/dcc
Mailwatch 1.0.3

It scans around 1500 mails a day in total (also taking care of some 
other internet services )
I works fine but something bothers me.

The old system had about 600 mb ram when i looked at "top" it always 
showed that it used all the mem available. The new system however shows 
that it uses about 300 mb with about 700 mb free. Can anybody tell my 
why it is not using all the mem that's available?

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