bdc replacement

Dhawal Doshy dhawal at
Mon Apr 10 17:39:53 IST 2006

Hello List,

BDC has lately become a cpu hog (or maybe i discovered recently). Am 
wondering if there are any other alternatives in the command line virus 
scanning world that are free (as in beer) OR relatively cheap and 
consume much less resources.

I've been using clamav and uvscan for quite some time (qmail-scanner 
days) and am more / less happy with their performance.. so any other 
suggestions would be welcome.

Also a couple of questions for Julian:

1. Shouldn't "LogFile=/tmp/log.bdc.$$" in bitdefender-wrapper point to 
something like /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/log.bdc.$$ and take 
advantage of the tmpfs partition?

2. Also i don't see any options being used in the bitdefender-wrapper 
script (similar to ExtraOptions in clamav-wrapper). Any particular 
reason why? Is it because MailScanner handles all the unpacking of 

- dhawal

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