A way to give local mail priority?

Brett Charbeneau brett at wrl.org
Thu Apr 6 17:43:21 IST 2006

	Thanks to Martin Hepworth and Alex Neuman van der Hans - I appreciate 
the replies!
	It seems that I need to do some serious tuning on the server. I spent 
some good time with the kind folks in the MailScanner IRC room as well and got 
some additional tips about turning SA rules on one at a time and such.
	Bottom line: my P4 server should be able to keep up with the 7000+ 
emails we get daily without sweat. So it's a config deal that I'll concentrate 
	Thank you again for your help!

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On Thu, 6 Apr 2006, Brett Charbeneau wrote:

BC> 	I'd be grateful for any suggestions anyone can offer!
BC> Debian 3.1, kernel 2.6.8,
BC> Sendmail 8.13.4, MailScanner 4.41.3-2, SpamAssassin 3.0.3-2 (deb packages)
BC> Majordomo 1.94.5
BC> Greetings,
BC> 	I have MailScanner installed on a P4 3.2 GHz machine with 2 GB of
BC> 	With MailScanner running SpamAssassin rules *and* RBL checks my
BC> Majordomo mail (generated and delivered locally) takes as long as an hour to
BC> end up in users' inboxes.
BC> 	It appears that my local mail gets stuck in the queue with the SPAM
BC> and the machine just has to chew through it all FIFO and my staff need to
BC> have departmental mail make it through in 10 minutes or less if at all
BC> possible.
BC> 	When I switch off SpamAssassin and just do RBL checks things work
BC> reasonably quick, but obviously a lot more SPAM gets through.
BC> 	I have
BC> From:          *@wrl.org       yes
BC> 	in my "Is Definitely Not Spam" file, but again, with SA rules
BC> switched on
BC> and lots of email piling in, the queue processing drops to a crawl.
BC> 	I know I need to expand my RAM (I *am* seeing a lot of swapping with
BC> SA turned on) but even once I get 8 GB or so, I suspect these delays in
BC> Majordomo mail this will continue.
BC> 	Is there a way to give "priority" to local mail so that MailScanner
BC> not only keeps its hands off but Sendmail is told to deliver immediately? Or
BC> should I run Sendmail with two queues?


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