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Wed Apr 5 12:23:34 IST 2006

On Wed, 5 Apr 2006, Glenn Steen wrote:

> That's one of the classics.... What to do when logging dies on you:
> Create another log entry to that effect?

That is silly, i dont give a toss about syslog running or not, at 100 
megs a day I sure as hell have better things to do then look at logs lol, 
but coz syslog dies, why the hell should mail cease to be processed because
of it.

> So what do you expect MS to do? Just blithely move on? I'm not sure

keep processing mail

> that's a good idea... As it is, you a) notice that mail has "stopped
> flowing", and b) can rather trivially discover why.

This creates  problems, maybe on a MS box that processes 2-300 emails a 
day thats fine, but when you do that much every minute thats just not 

> What made syslog die? There are a fair amount of things depending on

unknown at this time

> syslog being there, apart from MS:-).

dedicated  mail server  (sendmail, MS and clamav) , nothing else died :)


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