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William Schwartz schwartzw at
Fri Sep 30 00:30:26 IST 2005

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I think I fould part of my problem but I don't know how to fix it.

x3 20050406 # file *
14B8512F9F9.A5488: data
1BFB6131051.312B2: data
266C412F9F9.E7AE6: data
278BC131051.29EB6: data
3424E12F9F9.BC528: data
3B8CD12FA1B.1231A: data
4743212F9F9.F1886: data
7C9BF12F9F9.BDE9C: data
7FE0612F9F9.78A46: data
99657131051.AB574: data
CCC2512F9F9.7D808: data
E150B12FA1B.7C4D8: data

The type should be "smtp mail text" not "data"

My archive.rules line looks like:
FromOrTo: * /data/mail_archive/

What is the syntax to get it to make proper maildir archives?


On 9/29/05, William Schwartz <schwartzw at> wrote:
      I'm archiving email in both mbox and maildir formats.  I'm
      looking for a way to read the maildir archives on a Windows
      system.  I haven't been able to find any clients that can do
      that directly so I was thinking about just reading them via
      the imap server.   Problem is the file names don't match what
      my maildirs look like.

      My archive directory created with MailScanner looks like:

      0654B1312B3.9394D  63AC812F683.5909B  8625A12F6F5.BAFDB 
      0855112F683.59A9B  6456312F683.16A49  8D74212F6F5.C1600 
      250B81312EE.00033  682011312B3.29C63  8E0C612F6F5.D1A24 
      393AA12F683.5C082  826A812F683.2C714  9A1EF12F683.A362D
      5967F12F683.0625A  8542C13134B.62B8A  A90981312B3.A4C0E

      And a sample maildir on my system looks like:

      x3 .SimpleShare # ls -la
      total 32
      drwx------   6 vmail 35003 4096 May  6 12:17 .
      drwx------  21 vmail 35003 4096 Aug  5 13:53 ..
      -rw-r--r--   1 vmail 35003   17 May  6 12:17 courierimapacl
      drwx------   2 vmail 35003 4096 Sep  2 11:37
      -rw-r--r--   1 vmail 35003  528 Sep  2 23:21 courierimapuiddb
      drwx------   2 vmail 35003 4096 Sep  2 23:21 cur
      -rw-------   1 vmail 35003    0 May  6 12:17 maildirfolder
      drwx------   2 vmail 35003 4096 May  6 12:17 new
      drwx------   2 vmail 35003 4096 Sep 13 02:03 tmp
      x3 .SimpleShare # ls -a cur

      I need a way to get the filenames and direcotyr structure
      setup in a way that the IMAP server can serve the messages.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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