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Thu Sep 29 16:15:31 IST 2005

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Hello MailScanner,
I am not able to send html files with javascript in it

i am using clamav as a virus scanner

I have enabled all the Allowed Tags

These are my lines in Mailscanner.conf file

Allow IFrame Tags = yes
Log IFrame Tags = no
Allow Form Tags = yes
Allow Object Codebase Tags = yes

Convert Dangerous HTML To Text = no
Convert HTML To Text = no
Filename Rules = %etc-dir%/filename.rules.conf

These are the log
sep 29 20:18:20 netserv MailScanner[12278]: Virus and Content Scanning:
Sep 29 20:18:22 netserv MailScanner[12278]: Content Checks: Detected
HTML-specific exploits in j8TEmIX12606
Sep 29 20:18:22 netserv MailScanner[12278]: Content Checks: Found 1
Sep 29 20:18:22 netserv MailScanner[12278]: Saved infected ".dat" to

Any Input will be welcome.


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