[MAILSCANNER] Convert HTML To Text rule doesn't work as expected

Stef Morrell stef at L5NET.NET
Fri Sep 23 09:51:17 IST 2005

Bart Smit wrote:
>> Bart Smit wrote:
>>> I am having problems with stripping HTML from inbound messages. One
>>> of our customers wants all HTML stripped but recently they have
>>> requested that messages from a trusted sending domain need to
>>> arrive with HTML intact. 
>> So... if I have this correct.
>> Do not strip html
>> Unless to recipient.domain except if from sender.domain.
>> So surely the rules need to be...
>> From: sender at sender.domain no
>> To: *@recipient.domain yes
>> FromOrTo: default  no

> I prefer to exclude senders by IP address, since this is
> harder to spoof.
> Even if the rule didn't allow selection by IP, then the
> To:  recipient at recipient.domain  no
> line should ensure that the recipient gets all emails with
> HTML included.
> This is the first thing I tried.
> I get the feeling that the selection by recipient domain rule
> takes precedence over all other rules.

No, they should be applied in order, until a match is found.

I'm confused - you say in your original message that email *from* a
particular sending domain should be left intact, but now you are talking
about excluding email *to* a particular recipient.

Can you clarify what you are trying to achieve?

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