[MAILSCANNER] OT: Sendmail retries - bounce handling

Venkata Achanta vachanta at GMAIL.COM
Wed Sep 21 23:17:00 IST 2005

hello List,

I am wondering what other people are doing in regards to Sendmail retries 
regarding the bounce messages.

I think the standard practice (just a guesstimate, i havent referred to 
RFCs yet) is to retry every hour for 5 days. 

what is the ideal sendmail configuration to handle the bulk of outbound e-
mail to valid email addresses quickly with least preference to retries ? 

i google around and found various option like having multiple queues and 
moving the bounce messages to other queues and forcing retries at other 
intervals. but i would like to see what other people on this list are 
doing ?

Right now in my current configuration the "hard-to-reach" email addresses 
are creating a bottleneck for outbound email.

i know i can avoid some of these completely by going the "accepting e-mail 
for the valid users" route. 

But there will always be DSNs from my internal users sending out bulk e-
mails to non-existant users when they send out news letters or mass 
communication e-mails.(no flames please! i dont work for a spamming company 
but every org sends out some of these every now and then like monthly e-
statments or something like that)

Any pointers to ensure fast and efficient outbound email flow.

Thanks much,
Venkata Achanta

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