[MAILSCANNER] Problem with new MCP rules?

Johnny Stork jstork at PBCO.CA
Tue Sep 20 18:27:14 IST 2005

After going through the instructions for coniguring MCP, I had no problem getting MailScanner to identify subject or body text contained in the default example rule file 10_example.cf. So I created a new file with the extension *cf, with the contents below, and resstared MailScanner. Going to the MailWatch interface, Tools, and "Update MCP Rules Descriptions" and it correctly showed the new rules listed below, But sending an email with only the word "password" in the subject line got through just fine? What am I missing?


# Rules for PBCO Message Content Protection

header   PASSWORD-SUBJECT-RULE    Subject =~ /password/i
describe PASSWORD-SUBJECT-RULE    Banned Subject

body     PASSWORD-BODY-RULE    /password/i
describe PASSWORD-BODY-RULE    Banned body text
score    PASSWORD-BODY-RULE    5

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