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Stephen Swaney steve.swaney at fsl.com
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Given the spate of postings concerning the use of milters recently, I
thought this information from Anthony Howe concerning sharing milter
information between gateways would be of interest to others on the list.

I will second the posts that have praised the effectiveness of milters as a
method of cutting off spam before it adds load to your gateways. If you're
looking to learn more about some of the different milters available drop by

An article which gives an interesting overview of milters can be found at


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Jeff Powell wrote:
> Here's an item for the wishlist-- the ability to store the greylist data
> and the cache in a MySQL database.  My company is thinking about using
> milter-sender but they have one problem with it.  We have two incoming
> mail servers with equal MX records, i.e., incoming mail can come to
> either of the two servers.  This is both for failover and for load
> sharing.  Both are running SpamAssassin, using Bayesian filtering with a
> MySQL database on a third server.
> It would be really nice to have milter-sender also store its data on
> that third server in a real database.  That would prevent milter-sender
> having to to a callback on one server when it has already just rejected
> it on the other server.

Install milter-sender on the 3rd server using an Internet host:port 
specifier instead of the unix domain socket specifier, then specify in 
the Sendmail config for the two MXes that they should consult 
milter-sender via an Internet socket to the 3rd machine.

In this way you can centralise the cache used by milter-sender. NOTE 
that a copy of the access.db should be found on the 3rd server or 
accessible by NFS for B/W list support.

ANY milter (not just Snert milters) can be centralised in this manner, 
since its a base functionality of libmilter and Sendmail.

See the milter-sender documentation and sendmail libmilter documentation 
about this.

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