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Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Tue Sep 20 00:13:27 IST 2005

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Jon Miller wrote:
> Trying to find which file has the score of 1.0 for Drugs_Erectile so I can change it to a higer score.  I've done a grep on this but could not find the file.  Does anyone have any insight as to where this may be? or Do I have to change something else?
> Thanks
>  Spam Report:
> ScoreMatching RuleDescription
> 0.00BAYES_50Bayesian spam probability is 40 to 60%
> 2.29BIZ_TLDContains an URL in the BIZ top-level domain
> 1.00DRUGS_ERECTILERefers to an erectile drug
> 0.09HTML_50_60Message is 50% to 60% HTML
> 0.00HTML_MESSAGEHTML included in message
> 1.23MISSING_SUBJECTMissing Subject: header
> 0.30SARE_WEOFFEROffers Something

Assuming you have SA 3.x, the default score will be in

HOWEVER, do NOT edit any files in /usr/share/spamassassin.

If you want to change the score, add a new score statement to your


Otherwise if you're in SA 2.x, the score should be in
/etc/mail/spamassassin/ and you can edit it yourself.

Note: if you're running SA 3.x, you should not have a
/etc/mail/spamassassin/ If you do, delete it right away.

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