Kaspersky 5.5

Chris Russell Chris.Russell at KNOWLEDGEIT.CO.UK
Thu Sep 15 17:31:19 IST 2005

Hi Julian,

 When using MailScanner with Kaspersky 5.5, Virus Scanner =
kaspersky-4.5 will not work with Kaspersky 5.5

 To resolve this, a change is required in the kaspersky-wrapper. Under
the section:

# For KAV 4.5.0


  ${PackageDir}/$Scanner $ScanOptions -o$Report -j3 -q "$@"


  ${PackageDir}/$Scanner $ScanOptions -o$Report -j5 -q "$@"

 Without this, Kaspersky will only print a summary line ie: "Clean 0
Archive 2 Infected 2" (which isn't flagged as we look for INFECTED),
using -j5 adds the standard file - INFECTED - virus line to the report.

 Another thing is the full path is displayed on the notification, ie:

 Report: Kaspersky:

 I`ll look into that tomorrow, but methinks we need a new flag for v5.5



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