using sa-learn on spam attachements

Ed Bruce ebruce at HPMICH.COM
Thu Sep 15 14:48:10 IST 2005

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Greg Matthews wrote:

 On Thu, 2005-09-15 at 08:25 -0400, Ed Bruce wrote:

 I use MailWatch.This has a nice web based interface to submit email to
the SA-learn function.

 I use mailwatch too but I dont have the time or resources to spend on
checking spam/notspam accuracy and feeding the inaccuracies back to the

I can ask my users to "forward as attachment" the mails that get marked
wrong but even if I could trust them to do this right I'd still have to
process the mails before "learning" from them. (admittedly, if I could
guarantee that every user followed the instructions correctly, some of
the work could be automated, but...)

The only learning material that I can trust 100% is my own FPs and FNs
but then I have to strip out the attachments on the FPs and strip out
the MS headers from the FNs before I can use them (as I understand it).


This is what I currently do, I have users send email to one of two
special mail drops (one for spam and the other for ham) and I also do
what someone else suggested I get an archive copy for 7 days. I then use
the forwarded email with the Reports web page in MW to find the email and
feed it to SA-learn. This way I don't have to strip off the headers.

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