Any experiences with NOD32

Richard Bourque richard.bourque at MELLOUL.COM
Wed Sep 14 13:06:06 IST 2005

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> At this moment, we are running mailscanner in combination with
> sophossavi and clamav.
> I recently got notice of the NOD32 virusscanner, which is a very
> light-weight scanner on M$ Windows machines.
> To see if the performance of out mail-gateway would improve with NOD32 I
> tried to use it with mailscanners latest stable release.
> I was wondering if any one on the mailling list has a setup running with
> the NOD32 wrappers and NOD 2.15.1 release.
> The reason I'm asking this, is that when I use the wrapper in
> combination with this release I do not get any output in the mail logs
> from NOD32.
> Though both sophossavi and clamav are logging.
> Can any one help me.
> Thanks,
> Bob de Wildt

Actually Julian borrowed my server to get NOD32 working with MailScanner
when they switched NOD to version 2, and it has never had a problem
since it was setup.  We used to use Sophos but got frustrated with their
rising prices and they kept changing the program which made it
problematic with Mailscanner every now and again. 

I do believe that version 2.15.1 is NOD32 for Linux Mail Server and you
really want to be using NOD32 for Linux File Server 2.06.1 instead
because all you need is the command line scanner, not the daemon.

The Eset NOD people are not knowledgeable about Linux and kept trying to
make me buy the mail server version when all you need is one client of
the file version.

Hope that helps!

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