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Raul Urqueta Sierra wrote:
> The problem is with a ZIP file in a mail, this file make the clamav
> enter in a loop, with the consecuencies of the server become slow

Is ClamAV up to date?

> I deny the file tipe "tnef" "chm" "fsg" "zip" and the problem appear to
> be desapeare
> Thanks
> Raul.-
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> De: MailScanner mailing list [mailto:MAILSCANNER at JISCMAIL.AC.UK] En
> nombre de Drew Marshall
> Enviado el: Lunes, 12 de Septiembre de 2005 10:41
> Asunto: Re: problem
> Importancia: Alta
> On Mon, September 12, 2005 15:15, Raul Urqueta Sierra wrote:
>>Hi, I have this problem from very days ago, in the maillog file:
>>Sep 12 10:06:34 servidor sendmail[30891]: rejecting connections on
>>daemon MTA: load average: 24
>>Sep 12 10:13:40 servidor sendmail[30891]: rejecting connections on
>>daemon MTA: load average: 31
>>Sep 12 10:14:41 servidor sendmail[541]: runqueue: Aborting queue run:
>>load average too high
>>And the server become very very slow, and don't send any mail
>>Can anyone help please...
> You have a high machine load and therefore have:
> A low powered machine simply overwhelmed
> A process running out of control using up the system resources
> What does top give you?
> Drew


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