Feature request: Overloading Whitelists/Blacklists

Dhawal Doshy dhawal at NETMAGICSOLUTIONS.COM
Thu Sep 8 16:19:31 IST 2005

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Joost Waversveld wrote:
> We want to use MailScanner for a lot of domains. I was checking if we could
> define the whitelist per domain in a seperate file. Unfortunately I do not get
> it working. I tried the solution you can find on the wiki about "overloading
> filename.rules.conf"
> (http://wiki.mailscanner.info/doku.php?id=documentation:configuration:rulesets:overloading&s=overloading)
> but then I get an syntax error. Apparently this does not work for defining
> whitelists/blacklists.

This is already an existing feature in CustomConfig.pm (you'll find this 
in /usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner for the RPM version), though you'll 
  need to enable it MailScanner.conf

Have a look at these in MailScanner.conf (my values)
Is Definitely Not Spam = &ByDomainSpamWhitelist
Is Definitely Spam = &ByDomainSpamBlacklist
Definite Spam Is High Scoring = yes

You can not only have domain based, but also per email-id based black / 
whitelists using this (simple to use) Custom Function. Also you can; not 
only black / whitelist domains but also "Full email ids" and "IP Addresses"

> We want to do this so it's much easier to administrate all the settings for our
> users.

If you need something easier, use mailwatch 1.0.2 and the SQL based 
black / whitelists with a nice php based front-end.

hope that helps,
- dhawal

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