MCP/SPAM Actions

Gray, Richard richard.gray at DNS.CO.UK
Tue Sep 6 14:13:51 IST 2005

I've got a running problem here with spam actions on my system.
Basically I have the following configuration
spam actions - quarantine
high spam actions - delete
mcp actions - quarantine
high mcp actions - quarantine
Some of the messages we receive fall into the high scoring spam, and
also trigger mcp. Rather than being deleted these messages get sent to
quarantine (presumably due to mcp).
I've tried playing with the "First Check = [spam|mcp]". Changing this
value does indeed change the order in which the messages are scanned,
but doesn't seem to affect whether or not they are quarantined. Have I
missed a setting somewhere along the way, or have I mis-configured
This is starting to give me a real headache (I get a lot of spam through
the door) and any help/pointers would be appreciated.  

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