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Mike Kercher mike at CAMAROSS.NET
Sat Sep 3 17:31:31 IST 2005

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> Mike Kercher wrote:
>> I live in Baytown, TX and we have a LOT of survivors of the
> hurricane here.
>> My family is driving to different camps here delivering pizzas and
>> supplies as our pockets allow.  I'd like to work with you on
> this until
>> we get it going.  If you need a SmartHost to relay through, I'll be
>> happy to provide that for you if we can get you to access port 25 on
>> just one of my boxes or even port 587.
> Mike,
> If I can be of any assistance, including financial, please do
> let me know. I am wary of donating to large charities as I
> don't want to support their overheads and costs, but wish my
> donations to go directly to help those affected. I may be
> able to secure hosting as well as simple financial support.
> Please contact me if I can help you.
> - --
> Julian Field


I truly appreciate your offer.  I am attaching a PDF of a letter we received
just the other day from one of our chilrens' schools.  As it states,
children from the disaster area will be enrolled in our schools here.
Naturally, these kids have no clothing, school supplies, etc.  If you or
anyone would like to help, these kids are really in need.  They have NOTHING
and we really feel for them.

For anyone in the stricken area that has any hosting needs, I have plenty of
servers in datacenters for web/mail.  Just let me know how I can help.


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