Disaster recovery assistance

Richard Alexander ralexand at HOODINDUSTRIES.COM
Sat Sep 3 15:00:03 IST 2005

Corporate office was hit by Hurricane Katrina.  Systems were not damaged, 
but lost power and T1 lines and will be down for several weeks. We have 
reloaceted the mail server to a disaster recovery site and have our linus 
mail server(MailScanner, SA, etc) located here. I can receive mail from 
the internet and send and receive from the inside, however I cannot send 
to the internet.

Out mail server is normally a 208.24.x.x address which this disaster site 
cannot host.  I have redirected my mx records to a 32.97.x.x which are the 
available IPs here.  We created a NAT in the firewall that translates the 
32.x to the 208.x.

When i try to send out, mail sits in the mailq for 2 hours and kicks back. 
Error in mailq says Deferred: connection refused by whatever.host.com

I know this is not MailScanner related, but I feel the receiving box is 
trying a reverse lookup and then rejected because of the Natd address.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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