Virus scanning / Upgrade to version 4.45

Ray Gardener R.A.Gardener at SHU.AC.UK
Fri Sep 2 12:57:13 IST 2005


This morning I upgraded to version 4.45 on a Solaris 9 machine. I tested 
the upgrade with a message carrying a eicar ladened attachment. The 
installation has not picked this test virus up. There is no 
urgent issue as this 
is just one of several hubs and the others are working. However I need to have this machine 
back in line, fairly soon.

The mailscanner logs which are going to /var/log/syslog don't show a 
problem and claim that mail is being virus scanned; my scanner type is 
set to sophos. Is there a way that I can configure syslogging to show wht 
processes are being called in more detail?

I have not tested the anti-spam scanning and I have no alternative 
anti-virus engines on the machine to see whether this issue is specific to 
sophos. (Note that the scanning did work before the upgrade!).


Ray Gardener,
Sheffield Hallam University,
0114 225 4926

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