Best practice?

Mike Kercher mike at CAMAROSS.NET
Thu Sep 1 23:29:09 IST 2005

MailScanner mailing list <> scribbled on Thursday, September 01, 2005 5:26

>> OTOH, if you have two machines doing the same thing it's
> nice to have
>> things like automatic synchronization of config files and
> stuff like
>> that, which can really add to the complexity of your setup. Or you
>> might already have a system for that.
> The only problem i have with thsi is the machines are
> different spec, so stuff like child processes would be
> incorrect set on one of the machines? I already do shared
> bayes using sql.

How many boxen do you share your bayes between?  How many emails per day do
you process?  What kind of load does your mysql server exhibit?


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