Mail loss after upgrading to 4.40.11-1 due to missing .rules suffix

Julian Field MailScanner at
Thu Sep 1 19:19:14 IST 2005

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David Hooton wrote:

>>>Just upgraded an old version of SpamAssassin to the latest stable 4.40.11-1
>>>The config file between this version and the old version I was installing
>>>from had changed the ""Spam Actions", "High Scoring Spam Actions", and
>>>associated items to now enforce a .rule or .rules suffix. Not having the
>>>suffix causes the mail to be "lost", no error and causes output in the log
>>>file of the action as being the filename converted to lower case (thus very
>>>confusing). Only after some code debugging did I spot the change, if only I
>>>had spotted the comment in the config file :)
>>>May be worth highlighting this in the upgrade_MailScanner_conf script so
>>>others dont make the same mistake.
>Is it possible to make MailScanner not load in this situation then?  I
>have just spent hours chasing this issue and lost some mail as a
>Unfortunately I've been off on extended leave and had missed this
>email so didn't know why messages were vanishing, probably not the
>most graceful way to force a file naming convention.
The convention is only needed for a few of the configuration options, 
but I will take a look at working out where it needs enforcing and add 
some more error checks there. I suspect insisting on it where the 
configuration option refers to a filename may be all that's needed.

Do you know of any places it has to be right?

Julian Field
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