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Peter Russell pete at ENITECH.COM.AU
Thu Sep 1 09:12:09 IST 2005

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Julian Field wrote:
> On 31 Aug 2005, at 23:06, Peter Russell wrote:
>>2 questions
>>I currently scan mail for a handful of domains and less than 2000  
>>users. I have primary and secondary MailScanner servers both with  
>>own MX records of different weights. They are on 2 different  
>>physical networks/sites, but one of those networks and the site is  
>>being decommissioned. The second machine will moved to the same  
>>rack as the primary. We have a another MailScanner machine that  
>>handles outbound mail only.
>>Should i just turn the secondary into a backup MX and simplify the  
>>whole thing by having just one mailscanner and the backup mx  
>>machines? Or is it better to continue to maintain two mailscanners?  
>>My preference is for the ms+backupMX option but not sure of there  
>>are drawbacks with this that i havent considered?
> Personally, I would go for having both machines running MailScanner.  
> If you don't, then mail from outside that hits your secondary (which  
> will be virtually all your spam) will get passed to the primary for  
> MailScanning, and then onwards into your network. If the primary goes  
> down, all your mail freezes as the secondary can't send it to the  
> primary for MailScanning.
> Having all functionality on both servers allows them to work  
> independently of each other, neither relying on the other to be up  
> and running.
> Then you can temporarily take one of your mail servers down (e.g. for  
> upgrading) and not lose any service.

Thank you for you valuable time and advice - funny how these things 
always make a lot more sense when some one else says it.


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