Major fire

Denis Croombs denis at CROOMBS.ORG
Sun Oct 30 12:44:16 GMT 2005


>We currently have a very major fire at work, which is still being tackled
by the fire service. Just about everything with >blue lights on top is
currently surrounding one of our buildings, which is basically completely
destroyed. What's worse >>is that it is our silicon fabrication plant and so
is full of some very nasty chemicals.

>As a result pretty much none of our department has any power or networking,
and so everything is down.

>I am hoping the Michele Neylon can help me out and get a
site up and running today.

>None of the MailScanner source code is affected, this is all held about 100
miles away in West London. So nothing is >lost, we just can't serve anything
at present.
>Please be patient while we get everything going again.
Hi Jules

Good luck, the BBC report does not look good !

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