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Dhawal Doshy dhawal at NETMAGICSOLUTIONS.COM
Sat Oct 29 17:24:46 IST 2005

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Julian Field wrote:
>>Would it be possible to provide a rpm based install of ClamAV+SA 
>>similar to the MailScanner install.sh script, i think that'll leave no 
>>room for a lot of users who are redhat (and clone) shops and tend to 
>>use rpms exclusively unless absolutely unavoidable.
> I tried to do that a year ago, and the results were disastrous. So I 
> abandoned that route. Even people who insist on RPMs end up installing 
> the SA pre-requisites using cpan, which gives the same results as my 
> package does. You can always hack out the ClamAV install step from the 
> script pretty easily, it's very obvious.
> Clam RPM's are okay, I have no problem with them. But SA RPM's just 
> won't work on a large percentage of systems. As an example, look at the 
> number of different RPM's Dag Wieers produces for something simple like 
> unrar, just so it is built correctly for each variant. For unrar it's 
> not strictly needed as it is a binary, but it is for something like SA 
> as the paths are all different on each OS variant.
> If you have struck lucky and have a system that works with the RPM's you 
> are using, then by all means stick with it. No-one is forcing you to 
> install it my way :-) You might still want to read the install.sh 
> script, particularly the "echo" commands so that you get the handy bits 
> at the end of the script.

Cool, thanks.. in the newer versions spamassassin has been replaced by a 
single rpm, theres no Mail-SPa.., spamass-tools etc anymore, so i guess 
i've been lucky.

I'll probably try out both, your sa+clam install and the sa.rpms from 
fedora devel and stick to the most maintenance free solution.

- dhawal

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