Odd missing X-Spam-Status: Yes header

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at GMAIL.COM
Thu Oct 27 21:43:54 IST 2005

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On 27/10/05, Jim Davis <jdavis at cs.arizona.edu> wrote:
> This slipped by my procmail filter; it looks like the spammer added a fake
> spamassassin block to the headers...
> With
> High Scoring Spam Actions = header "X-Spam-Status: Yes" header
> "X-Spam-Flag: YES attachment deliver
> then there should have been a 'X-Spam-Status: Yes' header added (and the
> spam itself should have been wrapped in an attachment, but that's still
> not working).  Could the bogus 'X-Spam-Status: No' header somehow have
> interfered with that?
Why do you rely on procmail handling this? MailScanner can do either
of "delete", "Store", "forward" ... And you should be able to habdle
that in a ruleset too...
And why do you rely on a "publicly know" header.... for all you're
using it, you could as well invent your own... "X-Nyponsoppa: YES";-).

Just my ^À0.02
-- Glenn
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