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Dave Dave
Thu Oct 27 00:17:49 IST 2005

On Wed, Oct 26, 2005 at 04:02:22PM -0700, Scott Silva wrote:
> Dave Shariff Yadallee - System Administrator a.k.a. The Root of the
> Problem spake the following on 10/26/2005 3:21 PM:
> > I did order the book and I do recommend it.
> > 
> > Question, for bounce rules, ho do I bounce spam > a score of 7.5 ?
> > 
> I am sure that the book says, as do many other places, please do not
> bounce spam. You will not bother the spammers, but will succeed in
> annoying many other mail administrators around the world.
> What is the purpose for bouncing spam? The spammers already know it is
> spam, you're informing them of such will not change their opinions in
> the matter. I just whitelist content that my users ask to be
> whitelisted, and only to that user. The only sitewide whitelists here
> are an industry specific newsletter that half of the company gets, and
> some occasional forwards from a lobbyist my company works with.
> And if you are getting false positives, you need to play with the score
> levels and maybe add some rules.
> I haven't had one false hit for high scoring spam in over a year. They
> usually fall in the 3 to 7 point range, and get sent to the users as an
> attachment. They can bug me to whitelist them if they want them.
> If it is slow, I look for obvious breaches and see what I can do with them.

Then what about just making it undeliverable? 

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