Virii detection very low

Scott Silva ssilva at SGVWATER.COM
Wed Oct 26 18:22:28 IST 2005

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Ken Goods spake the following on 10/25/2005 2:12 PM:
> Glenn Steen wrote:
>>On 25/10/05, Ken Goods <KGoods at> wrote:
>>>Ed Bruce wrote:
>>>>We only get about 2k-3k incoming email/day - but over the last 15
>>>>days no virii were detected. Normally we get around 2-3 infected
>>>>emails/day. Anybody else seeing a lot fewer infected emails then
>>>>normal? I just get a little worried when nothing is seen.
>>>Funny... I was just getting ready to post a message exactly like
>>>this. We too process 2-5k messages per day and I haven't seen a
>>>virus since I upgraded MailScanner a week ago Friday. I received 14
>>>the day before the upgrade. Thought something went wrong with the
>>>upgrade so I used GFI to send myself the virus laden test emails and
>>>they were caught (and I was notified) perfectly. But still, I went
>>>from an average of 7 per day to zero! A little concerning.... Then
>>>again, I have the luxury of being able to block several countries at
>>>the firewall and that cut them to about 10% of what I was seeing
>>>Still keeping a close watch though... seems a little to coincidental.
>>>Ken Goods
>>>Network Administrator
>>>AIA/CropUSA Insurance, Inc.
>>About the same load, and pretty much only see some stray Mytobs (short
>>bursts of 2-10 evrey third day or so)... And clam catching the normal
>>2-5 phishes/day. You do run clamav?
> Yes, MailScanner/Spamassassin/ClamAV. All upgraded Friday before last. Hence
> the strange coincidence.... maillog looks fine stating that virus scanning
> is happening and like I said, the GFI email virus tests were all caught
> correctly... strange. But now that I think about it I'm not getting the
> normal amount of bad filetype/content/phish notification messages from
> MailScanner nor any Phish notification messages from Clam (via MailScanner).
> But they are getting caught as I just received a phish that MailScanner
> caught and modified the message (with no postmaster notification). So it
> looks like I'm just not getting the notifications like I did before. Also
> mailScanner-MRTG is not reporting any viruses....
> I did look through the notification section of MailScanner.conf and nothing
> has changed that I could see. (ran upgrade_MailScanner_conf after the
> upgrade)
> hummm.... back to Sherlock Holmes mode..... 
> Ken Goods
> Network Administrator
> AIA/CropUSA Insurance, Inc.
You could also add the Bitdefender package. It is also free, and can be
an added safety net just in case a wild Clam update renders it useless
for a day or more.


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