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Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Mon Oct 24 22:30:39 IST 2005

On 24 Oct 2005, at 17:23, Julian Field wrote:

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> What would anyone think of the old logo with the new text font?
> I agree with someone's thought that the text looks like an old
> typewriter. But maybe age ==> stability ==> reliability? (==> is  
> "implies")
> The MailScanner logo has to say "reliable and trustworthy" as well as
> "safe and speedy" which is what the shield device implies at the  
> moment.
> Is "new and zippy" compatible with "reliable and trustworthy"? Is  
> "new"
> even a concept we should consider at all? "Old" ==> "staid and  
> solid and
> traditional".
> It's all about working out what graphics imply what concepts, and what
> concept we want to associate with MailScanner, and more importantly  
> what
> concepts we do *not* want to associate with it.
> I have no training in marketing, but I think this is the basic idea.
You have to consider that organisations re-brand usually because they  
have offered a mark 1 version that wasn't quite good enough or had a  
poor reputation. This is not the case with MailScanner. I agree it is  
appropriate that the logo should be brought up to-date but you  
shouldn't depart too far from the original trusted design (You can  
see the reaction already from list members). The shield is indeed  
'old and trusty' (For old read stable or mature), the lines read  
speed and the envelope is what it's all about. I like the impact of  
the logo tweak on the front cover of the book with just the shield,  
lines and envelope turned at a slight angle. You could add beneath  
that, also at the same angle, the word 'MailScanner' as if part of  
the speed lines underneath the shield and with a little shoving about  
you ought to include the URL but underneath the 'Scanner' part.

I feel a refreshing of the look is worthwhile but don't re-brand as  
you will run the risk of losing the following the current branding has.

My 2p


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