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Greg Matthews gmatt at NERC.AC.UK
Fri Oct 21 11:07:30 IST 2005

On Thu, 2005-10-20 at 18:11 +0100, Julian Field wrote:
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> This is all in the book :-)
> You have bought your copy, haven't you?

yes - but I didnt see it...! maybe I need the new edition, or my eyes

> Set "Sign Messages Already Processed = no" and set the %org-name% the 
> same in all your MailScanners. It uses the presence of the 
> X-%org-name%-MailScanner: header to work out if it still needs signing. 
> It's about the only time MailScanner uses the contents of a header to 
> affect processing.

ok - that would work in a few cases but in a couple of them the org-name
is different, however...

> Yes. Create a file called, for example, /etc/MailScanner/domain.list and 
> put this in it:
> one.domain.org
> two.domain.com
> another.ac.uk
> Then in the ruleset use this:
> To: /etc/MailScanner/domain.list no
> From: /etc/MailScanner/domain.list yes

this might be the solution I'm looking for.

> It's not true ruleset nesting, it is just using a list of address 
> patterns to save you having to write multiple rules yourself. It is 
> implemented by generating a rule for every address pattern listed in 
> your domain.list file. So they can be anything allowed in an address 
> pattern, domain names, email addresses, perl regexps, etc, etc...


many thanks for the quick response.


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