mqueue and pretty full

Dan Stromberg strombrg at DCS.NAC.UCI.EDU
Thu Oct 20 20:43:21 IST 2005

I have a system running mailscanner, that has:

        meter-root) pwd
        meter-root) ls | wc -l
        meter-root) cd ../mq
        mqueue@  mqueue.old/ 
        meter-root) cd ../mqueue
        meter-root) ls | wc -l

...which seems excessive.

If this were a mailscannerless system, I'd just do /usr/lib/sendmail -bp
and/or /usr/lib/sendmail -v -q, and perhaps some telnet'ing to the SMTP
port and sniffing to see what's wrong.

But what does one do when the flow of mail is clogged on a mailscanner


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